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"If you want a dinosaur to look as if it could walk right off the pedestal and bite you, you would hire Brian Cooley."  - Chris Sloan, Art Director, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.

For twenty years, museums and other institutions all over the world have called on this  internationally renowned artist to create highly realistic, dynamic and original sculptures of life-sized, fleshed-out dinosaurs.   Museums featuring Brian Cooley's dinosaurs have showcased many images of his work in their promotional literature and his sculptures have appeared on the front cover of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE  three times.

"Brian's artistic ability, knowledge of dinosaur anatomy and attention to detail have made him one of the world's top dinosaur sculptors." - Dr. Philip J. Currie, author, paleontologist and curator of dinosaurs at Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Drumheller, Alberta.   Quoted in TIME MAGAZINE, July 6, 1998


Brian Cooley has created a number of smaller scale, limited edition bronze sculptures that appear in private and public collections around the world.


Need a dinosaur?  Who doesn't?  Why not contact Brian Cooley by email at bdcooley@telus.net.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

One seventy foot adult and two twenty five foot juvenile sauropods smashing out of the wall of the museum's 'Dinodome' and running into the street.



2003 - National Geographic Magazine, April issue.  One reconstruction of the prehistoric rodent, Hadracodium and one reconstruction of the prehistoric primate, Eosimias.

2003 - National Geographic Magazine, March issue.  Front cover featuring a one-third scale metal skull crushing an ostrich bone.

2002 - Calgary International Airport.  A large, suspended installation of flying creatures, featuring the giant dragonfly Meganeura, several different pterosaurs including the forty foot Quetzalcoatlus, and the modern whooping crane, bald eagle and giant fruit bat.

2001 - 02 - Grande Prairie Regional Museum, Grande Prairie, Alberta.  One life-sized, mechanical sculpture of the horned dinosaur Pachyrhinosaurus

2001 - 02 - Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.  An installation of interactive, larger than life-sized sculptures of birds and mammals as well as mechanical, life-sized sculptures of birds.

2001 - 02 - Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut.  Three life-sized Pachyrhinosaurus sculptures.

2001 - Nature Museum of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.  One life-sized sculpture of the feathered theropod dinosaur, Sinornithosaurus. 

2000 - Publication of the children's book "Make-a-saurus", co-authored with Mary Ann Wilson.   Annick Press, ISBN 1-55037-644-6.

2000 - Calgary International Airport.  Four life-sized sculptures of dromaeosuarus tearing apart luggage on the Air Canada baggage carousel.  This is a promotional display for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta.

2000 - National Museum of Natural Sciences, Taichung, Taiwan.  Sculptures of the feathered dinosaurs Caudipteryx and Sinornithosaurus.

2000 - Graves Museum of Archaeology and Natural History, Dania Beach, Florida.  Life-size reconstruction of the newly discovered dromaeosaur, Bambiraptor feinbergi.

1999 - National Geographic Magazine.  Life-size sculpture of  the feathered dinosaur, Sinornithosaurus, for the November 1999 issue.

1999 - Fukui Prefecture Museum.  Life-sized sculptures of the feathered dinosaurs Archaeopteryx, Protoarchaeopteryx, Caudipteryx and Sinosauropteryx.

1998 - 99 - National Geographic Magazine and The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois.  One-third scale sculptures of "Sue's" skull and fleshed-out head.

1998 - National Geographic Magazine.  Life-size sculptures of the feathered dinosaurs Sinosauropteryx and Caudipteryx (featured on the cover) for the July issue.

1997 - 98 - Dinoland, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.  Life-sized sculptures of three Pachyrhinosaurs, two Albertosaurs and one Struthiomimus.  Two life-size bronze sculptures of baby dinosaurs in eggs.  Two one-tenth scale bronze skeletons of Mosasaurus and Parasaurolophus.

1997 - 98 - The Academy of natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  One life-size, wall mounted sculpture of Albertosaurus metamorphosing from a skeletal tail to fleshed out head.  One life-size Stegosaurus showing internal organs.

1996 - National Geographic Magazine.  Two sculptures of baby dinosaurs in eggs, one of which was featured on the cover.

1985 - 95 -  Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.  Nine life-sized dinosaurs in addition to other prehistoric animals.  During this time period, life-size dinosaur sculptures were also created for:

The Calgary International Airport.

The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park Traveling Exhibit (Forty foot Tyrannosaurus rex).

The Dinosaur Show World Tour.

Hitachi Dinoventure '90 in Tokyo, Japan.

Museo Nacional de Sciencies Naturales, Madrid, Spain.

Alberta Tourism.

Alberta Pavilion, Expo '86, Vancouver, British Columbia.

The artist's bronze sculptures reside in private collections in the U.S., Canada and Japan.

The children's book 'Make-a-saurus', co-authored by Brian Cooley and Mary Ann Wilson, was published in 2000 by Annick Press.