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Present Projects for 2010


The following is a prioritized list of projects that require funding in 2010:

1. DRI Student Project

It is the intention that the DRI support several graduate student projects each year 
in the range of $1000-$3000. 

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Grant application form


2.Preparation of Alberta dinosaur fossils

DRI will fund the preparation of  dinosaurs from Alberta, to allow Dr. Philip Currie to work with his colleagues to study, photograph, illustrate and describe these specimens for publication


3. Preparation of Mongolian dinosaurs

DRI will fund preparation of Mongolian dinosaurs collected during previous year's expeditions to the Gobi Desert by Dr. Philip Currie, Dr. Eva Koppelhus and Dr Michael Ryan. Comparative research of these specimens teach us more about Mongolian dinosaurs and their relationships with Alberta species.

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4.Fieldwork in Alberta

DRI will fund fieldwork in the province of Alberta


5. Rene Vandervelde Travel Grant for the SVP Annual Meeting  

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6.  Scholarship Supporting Neoceratopsian Research 

A new scholarship, aimed at supporting Neoceratopsian academic research has been created by Darren Tanke. The scholarship will be $1500.00 CDN per annum. The scholarship is intended primarily for Masters and Ph.D. level students, but others may be considered.

Monies are primarily to support research intended for publication, but can also be utilized in support of:

-         airfare, lodging, and meals to/from a professional conference or workshop where the applicant is giving an oral or poster presentation.

-         travel, lodging, and meals to a museum(s) to conduct research.

-         printing of conference poster(s) and handouts for same.

-         purchase of computer software required for research.


 Any aspect of Neoceratopsian research will be considered, including anatomical descriptions, paleobiology (histology, bone scans, paleopathology), taphonomy, systematics, taxonomy, etc. While this scholarship supports global Neoceratopsian research, applications dealing with North American forms will be given higher consideration. 


Application form 



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