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DRI-Funded 2015 Field Work :

Dinosaur Research Ins.

Storm Brewing

Camp at Sunset

Cloud over Milk River Canyon

Coulee and sky

David, Jeremy, Kentaro, Mark at Milk River canyon

Day's end

Digging and bagging micro-vertebrates

First bone, horned dinosaur rib

Freshwater Shells

History TV interviews David Evans


Jackhammering and shovelling

Kentaro at work


Lost River

Not suitable for petting

Off to work in the Quarry

Off to work

Pachycephalosaur site in Verdigris Coulee

Petrified Wood

Prepping at the quarry

Prospecting at Lost River

Quarry from above

Red Deer River from Buffalo Jump

Rock overhang

Sweetgrass Hills of Montana

Wendy"s tattoo


horizontal rule


Helicopter used to lift jacket in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

After 75 million years the skeletal remains of a Daspletosaurus were on the move. On December 13, 2011, the Dinosaur Research Institute arranged for a helicopter to lift a plaster jacket, weighing 350 kg (800 lbs.) out of the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The plaster jacket protected the pelvis of Daspletosaurus, a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, and is part of a skeleton that was collected by University of Alberta during fieldwork in 2010 and 2011. The Daspletosaurus was found in the Oldman Formation, and is considered to be quite rare. The pelvis has been taken to Edmonton where it will be prepared along with the rest of the skeleton.

Alpine Helicopters of Calgary was contracted to perform the work because of the sites remote location and the technical difficulties involved in extracting the pelvis using ground-based methods.



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